New York Computer Repair: Monitors

If you're experiencing a problem with your monitor, New York Computer Repair can assist you.

There are many potential reasons for a monitor to malfunction. Perhaps the most obvious of these problems is physical damage to the screen or circuitry. While shattered glass is easy to diagnose, a drop can lead to internal damage with no obvious signs of distress on the outside. Moisture can also collect within the monitor, corroding capacitors and other electronic components and resulting in a distorted or flickering screen. The most common problems with monitors however, in the absence of mistreatment, are usually the backlight, the inverter, and the power supply.

In order, the power supply takes electricity from your wall outlet and brings it to the screen circuit board in a manner it can handle. The inverter converts the alternating current to direct current, which is then sent to the backlight to illuminate the LCD (CRTs, cathode ray tubes, use a different method). If you're seeing a faint outline on your monitor, it's likely the backlight that is at fault. Luckily, this is not an expensive repair at all. Contact us to find how New York Computer Repair can fix your monitor today.