New York Computer Repair: Memory and RAM

There are many reasons to add memory, also called RAM, to your computer. Just about any machine will run faster the more memory you put into it, and with prices historically low, it can be a very cost effective means of extending the lifespan of your computer. At New York Computer Repair, we not only sell memory modules, but we also offer instruction on how to install it yourself, if you want to learn. Besides that, we never mark up our installation services if you're uncomfortable putting it in yourself, especially if you buy the RAM from us.

In addition to running applications with more speed, sometimes random crashing of programs and operating systems can be due to faulty memory. If you're experiencing issues such as this, it probably makes sense to get the RAM checked out by a professional. Usually a new stick will do the trick, although in some instances there is a problem with the RAM slot (part of the memory or logic board). Whatever the cause, New York Computer Repair can get your machine back up and running smoothly.