New York Computer Repair: LCD Screens

When your LCD screen goes out, it can be tough for a novice to identify the cause. For starters, there's the question, is it a problem with the video card or the graphics output from the mother board? Is there a problem with the cable between them? Or does the issue lie within the LCD screen itself? When troubleshooting the device in the absence of obvious physical damage, there are a number of considerations. If the power LED on the LCD comes and goes, then one can deduce there is an electrical problem at the root. More commonly, LCD screens can begin wearing down over a couple of years as the backlight gradually dims. This is expected and easily replaced when the need arises.

One particular subset of LCD screens are those that go into laptop computers. In these instances, the backlight is often found as part of the screen and cannot be replaced separately. In these instances, the purchase and installation of a new screen can become rather expensive. Inverter boards are usually found outside the housing and can be far more inexpensive to replace. Often, when there is only a faint image visible on the screen, it is easier to replace the inverter board first and then the screen assembly second (if needed) to cut down on costs. Regardless of the issue, New York Computer Repair can fix it for you.